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New project on its way!

2007-07-22 13:14:55 by Black-Fox5

It's been awhile now since I'm gone. Haven't been on this site for some months now since it was blocked in Thailand. Thanks to the re-design, I can finally visit this site again.
Now, I'm going to start a new project. I'll name it "Pirates" (Name may change in the future).
I'm not so popular in this site. So, very few people know me.... Never mind about being popular or not.
This project is a short Movie about a Pirate life... That's all I'm gonna tell ya. HA!
So, if you want to see this movie soon, it all depends on you guys. If you hate me, write it in the comment section. If you hate my Movies, write it. If you want to help me, write it. You want me to improve there and there a bit, write it. Just write your feeling about me in the comment section, I like reading it.

Thank you for taking your time reading.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my movies. :D


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2007-07-22 14:14:51

Nah, man just kiddin, you know ur like one of mah best freinds on da interwebz
Anyway, from what you've told me about this idea
I still dont understand how its gonna work, and whats the point gonna be ,but anyway
Good Luck


2007-07-22 15:25:27

Why did Thailand ban Newgrounds?

Black-Fox5 responds:

I'm not sure. There's no reason for blocking this site in Thailand. I'm just happy now that it's not blocked anymore. :D


2007-11-07 01:46:33

Hey BF%, Have thailand banned NG again.


2007-11-07 01:48:56

Sorry its BF5. I am soooo fast in writing I forget what I am writing and I dont look for mistakes and your flashes kicks @$$ and 360 console war is awesome and its my favourite and if one more of your flashes is myy fav you would be added to my fav artists. rock on dude if you are reading this.

Black-Fox5 responds:

I am reading your messages. Well, at least now. Haven't visit NG for a while cause I have a LOT of work to do here. Luckily, Thailand don't ban this site anymore.
I'll try to find some free to make these flashes then.
Stay Tuned.


2008-01-19 01:13:27

I have a question. how did you learn flash. do you animate fbf or tweening and all those stuff.


2008-07-05 21:22:52

In case you didn't know, I found your easter egg on disk 1 of the MGS collab, which led me here. Congratz on getting in!