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Metal Gear Collab Disc 1

2008-07-06 09:52:29 by Black-Fox5

The Metal Gear Collab is finally online. I'm surprised that my part made it in.
But, my part is in as an Easter Egg. You'll have to find it for yourself.
Here's the direct link to it

I'm quite happy on how it turned out. In case you're wondering, my part is called Pata-Gear Solid.
Happy Watching Everyone!

!!!BIG SPOILERS!!! Look away RIGHT NOW if you want to look for the easter eggs yourself.
1: The Jet-Pack Guy Scene. Click the Muffin.
2: When Snake and Cyborg Ninja are facing each other, click on Otacon's Crotch.
3: The Scene when the guy says, It's the Barrel, click it.
4: Scene where the Guy Sh*t his pants, click it.
5: Where the guard turns into a Ration.
6: Where Snake and Liquid was fighting, click on the cigarette as soon as it sticks out.
7: When a kid press O on the Controller rapidly, click the Joystick.


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2008-07-14 16:59:40

I love your easter egg. I'm a fan of Patapon. I though it was great.


2008-07-17 05:44:51

Dude,you are alive.Hey when are you going to make your new project.You said you are doing the pirate thing.

Black-Fox5 responds:

Yo, I'm still doing it.. have to improve something a little more. Will be here very soon.


2008-09-07 10:03:07

Well dude I cant wait for something new,Your animations have cool concept.You can maybe work 24hrs in holidays(You can be one of the best animators around here).